While some people may view their morning commute as a frustrating waste of time, others see the value in having time to themselves to listen to music, books, or podcasts that provide entertainment, personal development, or commentary on current events. While the type of podcast you may be interested in will depend entirely on what you enjoy, here are nine popular podcasts that can add value to your daily commute.

The Only One in the Room is provided by Laura Cathcart Robbins, who was overwhelmed by the response she got from readers after sharing her story of feeling utterly alone in a room full of people. She received so many heart-warming stories that allowed her to connect on a personal level with people she had never met before that she decided to share some of these stories with others through this podcast.

Ear Hustle is provided by Nigel Poor. Poor was an inmate, who turned into a producer after his release. He allows San Quentin inmates to share their story with his listeners. Poor focuses on the humanity of the people incarcerated, giving them a voice and an ear to listen to them. He believes that people too quickly fail to see inmates with kindness due to their pasts, and he wants his listeners to understand the complex histories and situations that separate those inmates from the viewers.

Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! is the perfect podcast for people that enjoy riddles, puzzles, games, and trivia. This podcast takes a variety of different games, including Bluff the Listener, Not My Job, and Lightning Round, to engage listeners in a podcast game show. The players are panelists and guests that include journalists, authors, comedians, actors, and more.

The Moth is the ideal podcast for fiction lovers. Each week, the new release provides a collection of short stories that have been pre-recorded. The show is as much about the art of storytelling as it is about the story itself.

Radiolab is a widely-listened podcast because it appeals to so many different people. Each episode provides listeners with an in-depth investigation into a specific topic. Past shows have explored the Galapagos Islands, donated organs, The Frikis, and the history of AIDS. This show is more than merely a report of facts and information; it delves into the past, cultural context, and antidotal details surrounding the topic of the week.

Heavyweight provides an intensive look at the moments that change people’s lives. During each episode, host Jonathan Goldstein walks his guests through the events that led up to the single most life-changing moment of their lives, and the events that followed.

Call Your Girlfriend is a podcast every woman needs to hear. Each episode is a phone conversation between two female friends that live across the country from each other. They talk about everything from relationships to politics to finances. Everything that discusses offers a feminist viewpoint and emphasizes the importance of female relationships. Viewers will be challenged in the way they think and the relationships they hold.

WTF with Marc Maron is a series of interviews between comedian Marc Maron and famous comedians, actors, musicians, and political figures. Maron’s gift is in making a personal connection and sharing it with his listeners. He successfully makes every interview sound like a conversation between friends, which allows his readers to feel a more personal connection to the discussion and the person interviewed.

Filmspotting features two film critics as they delve into a discussion on anything involving movies from changes in genres to specific videos to actors’ achievements over time. This podcast is perfect for film lovers of all ages.

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