What we can learn about unhealthy marriages from the Real Housewives franchise is that they’re often full of drama and conflict. The wives are often fighting with each other, and their husbands are usually not involved in the relationship. This can lead to a lot of tension and stress in the marriage. The problems within their marriages can also manifest into issues outside of the marriage, like the legal trouble these Real Housewives with shocking mugshots experienced. Keep reading to learn more about unhealthy marriages from the Real Housewives franchise.

Signs of an Unhealthy Marriage


At times, unhealthy marriages can be depicted through the Real Housewives franchise. One of the most important things we can learn from this franchise includes the signs of an unhealthy marriage. Some of these signs include a lack of communication, emotional abuse, financial stress, and infidelity.

Communication is key in a healthy relationship, and without it, problems will arise. In the Real Housewives franchise, we often see couples who don’t communicate well with each other. For example, in season nine of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Hadid and David Foster argue constantly. Yolanda repeatedly asks David to spend more time with her and their children, but David does not want to be tied down. This lack of communication eventually leads to their divorce.

Emotional abuse is also common in unhealthy marriages. This can include name-calling, yelling, and threatening behavior. For example, in season six of Atlanta, we see Kandi Burruss’s husband Todd Tucker verbally abusing her. He calls her stupid and lazy and even tells her that she’s not good enough for him. This kind of emotional abuse can be very damaging to a relationship.

Financial stress is another sign of an unhealthy marriage. When couples are constantly arguing about money troubles it can be especially damaging to the relationship. In the Real Housewives franchise, we often see women who are obsessed with material possessions and this often leads to financial stress in the marriage. For example, in season two of New Jersey, we see Teresa Giudice arguing with her husband Joe about money all the time.

Infidelity is yet another sign of an unhealthy marriage. When one or both partners are cheating on each other it can be immensely harmful to the relationship. In the Real Housewives franchise, we often see husbands or wives cheating on their partners. For example, in season four of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson discovers that her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers has been cheating on her with multiple women throughout their relationship.

How To Handle Cheating in a Marriage

There are a few things that can be learned about unhealthy marriages from the Real Housewives franchise. One of these is how to handle cheating in a relationship. Cheating in a marriage can be one of the most devastating things that can happen. It can tear apart the trust that has been built up and can cause a lot of pain and heartache. If you’re dealing with cheating in your marriage, there are a few things that you can do to help deal with the situation.

First, it is important to understand that cheating is not always a black-and-white issue. There can be a grey area when it comes to why someone might cheat on their spouse. It’s crucial to take the time to understand what might have led to the cheating to try and fix the problem.

If you’ve decided that you want to stay in the marriage, work on rebuilding the trust that has been destroyed. This can be a long and difficult process, but it’s necessary to make time for each other and talk about what happened. You also need to be willing to forgive each other and move on.

If you decide that you want to end the marriage, do so in a respectful way. You need to make sure that both of you are on the same page and that you’re both okay with the decision. It’s also critical to make sure that you’ve discussed the situation with your children if you have any.

Getting Help in an Unhealthy Marriage


If you find that your marriage is reflecting some of the more unhealthy marriages of the Real Housewives franchise, you already know that many of these marriages didn’t end well. However, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to turn yours around.

The first step is to talk to your partner about your concerns. Often, simply expressing how you feel can start to break down the barriers between you. If your partner is unwilling to talk, you may need to seek help from a therapist or counselor who can help you communicate effectively. You can search online for “marriage counseling near me” to find a list of professional therapists in your area.

Once you’ve started to communicate, you can work on setting some ground rules for your relationship. Both partners should be able to agree to things like not yelling at each other, not insulting each other, and not bringing up past arguments. If one partner repeatedly violates these rules, it can be a sign that things aren’t going well.

If you and your partner are struggling to resolve conflicts, you may need to seek help from a third party. Again, this is where marriage counseling plays an integral role in resolving your differences and moving forward with a healthier marriage. If you decide that separation or divorce are your only options, it’s essential to get professional help to make sure the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

No matter what you decide to do, remember that it’s crucial to be supportive of each other. Marriage is a difficult journey, but it can be worth it if both partners are willing to work for it.

Learning From the Real Housewives

While the Real Housewives franchise is often criticized for its portrayal of unhealthy marriages, there is much that can be learned from watching these shows. Overall, the franchise provides valuable insight into the many ways marriages can go wrong and the various problems that can arise.