Back in 2010, 90 percent of American businesses had some form of recycling. This most likely involved cardboard or plastic materials used in the businesses, which is a great start. But today, we have plenty of other ways to recycle and help save the environment. As a business owner, it’s important that you show a dedication to the health of your community and your planet. Here are some of the top recycling ideas of this year’s businesses.


Donate your used cooking oils

Restaurants use large quantities of cooking oil to make meals, but the customers might not have ever wondered what happens to that oil after it’s used. Restaurants typically reuse oils, but now they will only be allowed to reuse the oil three times before they have to get rid of it. Luckily, there’s a useful way to get rid of it with a used cooking oil collection. By donating your used cooking oil, you’ll be able to help create biodiesel. Biodiesel is an excellent source of fuel, because it’s a clean and renewable energy source. Creating biodiesel helps reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil. Your used cooking oils can help create a clean source of energy for our nation.

Not only is it great for the environment and the country, but it’s extremely easy to do. SeQuential will give you a container to use to collect your cooking oil, and then they come pick it up. It couldn’t be simpler to make a powerful impact on your environment, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your business is making a responsible and ethical choice.


Buy customer returns

If your business operates on sales, a great way to “recycle” is to purchase wholesale pallets. Many of the items that consumers return are not put right back on the sales shelf. Maybe the returned item was opened and the store is unable to get it back into its original packaging. Maybe the item is no longer in fashion or has been discontinued. Something has to happen with these returned items. Buying these or other liquidated wholesale items will be a huge benefit to your business. You will make money by purchasing cheaper items to sell, and you’re receiving high quality items selected just for you. Your customers will be thrilled with the excellent products your business sells.

Purchasing wholesale pallets is a great way to recycle between businesses, and for an eco-friendly company, this is a huge win. With this purchase, the items don’t go to waste and your business benefits. What could be better?


Electronics recycling

If your business relies on up-to-date equipment to survive (like an entertainment business), you will probably end up with some old electronics. Many people don’t know what to do with their old electronics, and the old technology ends up either taking up space in the basement or being thrown into a landfill somewhere. Obviously, for an eco-friendly business, this is not ideal, so make it your mission to recycle any old electronics.

These electronics can still be used as a source of metal and other materials, which means you and your business are helping save natural resources and preventing garbage from entering the landfill. You should be able to find an electronics take-back bin in your area, so this is a simple solution. If your business focuses on electronics, your clients will be thrilled to hear that you recycle all of your old equipment.

Running a business is a challenge itself, so implementing recycling ideas shouldn’t be. With these great recycling tips, your business will be eco-friendly and responsible in no time.