Have you ever tripped on the sidewalk and ended up chipping a tooth? Did you slip on a wet floor in the supermarket and end up bumping your jaw on the floor? Dental injuries, no matter how small, can cause an unbearable amount of pain. If you’re involved in a slip-and-fall situation, you may want to look into litigation to cover medical expenses related to trauma. However, there are also personal steps that you can take to help you in your recovery.

Apply ice to the injured area.


When recovering from dental trauma resulting from a slip-and-fall accident, one of the easiest things you can do to help yourself is ice up. Apply ice on your jaw or cheek for around 15 minutes every hour or as directed otherwise by a dentist or dental surgeon. Use an ice pack or put crushed ice in a plastic bag. Ice is known to prevent tissue damage, which helps to decrease swelling and pain for any injury.

Be sure you are getting adequate medical attention for the injury. If you are still experiencing discomfort past a certain point in your healing, reach out to your care team to consider different approaches to dental care. This will get you back on your path to a quicker recovery.

Care for your mouth while you heal.


There are different hurdles that may arise in your recovery, and proper dental care is one of the easiest ways to avoid reaggravating injuries. If you suffer a serious injury, be sure to clean out your mouth. Gargle with a prescribed mouthwash or saltwater solution. Hydrogen peroxide swabs can help to clean any wounds brought on by slip-and-fall injuries. Be sure to learn from your dentist the amount of time that it will take to get yourself comfortable to use your mouth without fear of popping stitches or aggravating nerve damage.

If your injury stems from the negligence of someone’s upkeep of their home or their business, you may want to look into the services of a slip and fall lawyer. A personal injury attorney can help you in filing a lawsuit to help cover the costs of the medical help you need. The legal process can offer different options, potentially avoiding trial and reaching a settlement regarding medical expenses or any lost wages resulting from recovery from a dental injury.

Eat soft foods or drink liquids.


It’s important to avoid using a damaged tooth within a certain time frame after the date of the accident. Eat soft foods or drink liquids for one week or as directed by a dentist or periodontist. Soft foods and liquids are easier on your jaw and teeth until your injury heals. Applesauce, pudding, mashed potatoes, and ice cream will help an injured person get some food in their system.

Oral health is crucial, so be sure to address dental needs in accordance with the recovery plan established by your care team. If you find that you are still dealing with pain related to a chipped tooth or nerve damage past a certain point, you may need to revert back to soft foods and liquids again.

Look into your dental options post-injury.


There is a litany of dental services out there, including replacing your current smile with veneers or dental implants that better suit your dental needs. You can look into services like smile-in-a-day dental surgery in Wyoming, MI. You’ll be able to garner surgical advice, better understand these dental procedures, and have newer dental work in place for a healthy smile.

Consider the treatment options to ensure full-mouth and smile rehabilitation in a single visit. This starts with 3D imaging to better diagnose dental conditions and customize a treatment plan for full-mouth reconstruction. Surgical dental implants can be completed for single teeth and full arches. Be sure to evaluate the dental treatment available in your area today.