There are few things more irritating in modern-day life than struggling to get a signal in your own house. When you are paying for internet service, you want to have access to that internet in every room of the house. The more access you have, the more cost-effective you can make it. While high-speed internet can be expensive, you can find the best deals on broadband plans with iSelect. ISelect will help you find the plan that is both practical and affordable, and then you can take the steps needed to make sure it works throughout your whole house.




Invest in a high-quality router.

When it comes to routers, you will find a wide range of prices. Your first instinct may be to choose the least expensive option. However, you are also getting the least quality. Do some research on the type fo router that is going to give you the best range and coverage within your house regardless of price. You’ll likely find that your best option isn’t the most expensive either. Investing in a high-quality router makes sense when you consider how much you utilize your internet and what you are paying each month to have internet access. With the money and time you are already investing, it only makes sense that you have the equipment that can handle the workload.

Position the router strategically.

You need to look at your floorplan and where you use the internet the most within your home. While you want to access in every room, you also want the strongest signal in the areas you use the most. The router needs to be centrally located, so it is more likely to reach every room. If you keep it at one end of the house, you may not have a signal at the other end of the house. Choosing a central location will make it roughly equal-distance to all areas. While this may not be entirely possible given the layout of your home, getting it as close to the center as possible will help significantly.



Talk to your neighbors.

If you live close to your neighbors, you can talk to them about mutually sharing wifi signals. For example, if you live in a duplex and you each have a router with open access to each other, you will each have a stronger signal and a better range. If your devices are set up to automatically connect to either Wifi signal than they will switch automatically to the strongest signal depending on where you are in your home. This may not be possible if your neighbors aren’t close or don’t want to cooperate, but if it can be arranged it will benefit you both.

Invest in an extender.

An extender can take your current signal and make it go further. If you have a large house and you’ve tried to strategically place the router, but you still have dead areas within your home, and extender can make a significant difference. Not only will it extend the wifi signal, but it will also strengthen the signal, so your internet will be more reliable and work faster. Similar to the router, you need to choose an extender based on quality, as opposed to price.

The more distance you can get from your router, the more access you will have to the internet you are already paying for regardless of access. The last thing you want to do is pay a monthly fee for internet service that doesn’t work throughout your entire house. Find the best deal on broadband with iSelect and then work on getting the strongest signal possible, so you can read, scroll, and stream from anywhere.