Marketing is the cornerstone to a successful supplement business, especially when considering the multitude of platforms available. There are digital marketing platforms, traditional marketing tools, and core branding strategies that all supplement businesses can engage in. With the global supplements marketing set to grow 8-9 percent YoY, marketing is the critical driver that is fueling the rising demand.

The key to marketing boils down to how effective and impactful it can be for your organization. That’s why businesses need to focus on the most powerful ways to market themselves in a heavily competitive space. By focusing on these three powerful methods to marketing your supplement business, you can start to see results from day 1 of launching. There are both strategic and tactical ways of going about marketing, with these three ways taking precedence.


Online advertising and outreach

Online advertising platforms like Facebook and YouTube, allow companies to reach new audiences on a global scale. This impacts the growth of your supplement business like no other marketing channel, as it offers flexibility in messaging and scale.

A key example of this would be targeting a customized audience set that has shown interest in softgel products. A softgel manufacturer could reach local customers in specific area codes under unique demographic categories. Additionally, online advertising can help manufacturers promote their supplements in a variety of formats including text, image, and video forms.

Online advertising can help supplement manufacturers remarket to an existing audience set as well, thereby doubling the effect of the marketing campaign. The remarketing can be done on other channels, giving you greater returns on your marketing spends. Remarketing can also be combined with promotional and email marketing initiatives to maximize the impact of the campaign.


Promotional material (traditional marketing)

Promotional materials are effective in reaching out to a niche set of audiences and physically engage with them with branded solutions. This works well when entering new markets or aiming at a specific corporate or B2B environment.

Marketers can create custom calendars for business outfits around the local area and empower them with the right knowledge about supplementation and nutrition. This is especially popular in the months leading up to the mid-year, with many businesses focusing on proper nutrition and productivity enhancement.

Promotional material is also effective in creating an additional touchpoint that remains in the vicinity of the decision maker. When combined with email marketing, this can be a powerful method to attract new customers and grow your supplement business in new areas.


Email marketing (email list promotion)

There are multiple ways to tap into an audience set, with email marketing being one of the most effective one. Having a comprehensive email marketing program is a prime method of acquiring new customers. Business owners can acquire an email list from an industry partner or opt to guest blog on behalf of a supplement magazine.

Research from McKinsey Group suggests that email marketing is three times more powerful at influencing a purchase decision than traditional social media efforts. That’s why some of the top supplement brands focus on email marketing as a prime way of reaching out to customers.

Email marketing also shortens the buying cycle, as brands can send out multiple email formats depending on the level of engagement with the customers. If the open rate is significantly higher for certain list groups, then they can be marketed to differently.

Supplement business owners should invest in these strategies to ensure that their products are reaching the right audience at the right time. It’s also good to explore new geographies through online advertising, while focusing on local promotion through traditional marketing methods.